Our Mission and Pledges to you...

Our Mission


Developing excellence in basketball and life through positivity and challenge.

Our Player Pledge

We commit to:

  • Improve you as a basketball player – you will be on the court every day!
  • Give you a set of tools that will enhance your life beyond the court
  • Challenge you physically and mentally
  • Provide you opportunities to meet others from different parts of the world
  • Encourage you to be the very best version of yourself

Our Parent Pledge

Thank you for trusting us with your son or daughter – we promise to:

  • Deliver an outstanding and immersive basketball experience
  • Plant seeds for personal growth – challenging every young person to be a better basketball player and a better person
  • Care, support and encourage every young person who attends NBC
  • Provide a safe, organised and positive environment for every young person

Our Story

NBC Camps is the largest, most popular overnight basketball camp in the world.

NBC Camps was started in the North West of the USA, where since 1971 we have trained over 200,000 athletes. Located in the United States, Canada, UK, and Italy, NBC Camps provides a camp experience unlike any other.

NBC Camps began in 1971 as Northwest Basketball Camp. Founder Fred Crowell, at the age of twenty-three became one of the youngest Division 1 coaches in America. Under his coaching, University of Alaska Fairbanks had its first winning season in the history of the college. He left Alaska and joined Campus Crusade for Christ as the first coach for Athletes in Action, a program facing top 20 teams night after night, sharing a message of community and wholeness, and developing into one of the winning exhibition teams in history.

The mission of NBC Camps is to create the best sports camp experience in the world. We aspire to teach our sport better than anyone else. We work hard to create a totally unique experience. We aim to have an environment of excellence, energy, and enthusiasm. NBC Camps is committed to providing the latest in sports psychology, speed training, and skill development. We want to encourage athletes toward a life of physical, mental, relational and spiritual excellence. Our desire is for all campers to know we value their individuality and believe in their potential.

We hope to instil in each student athlete the desire to prepare to win. We want our camps and products to be known for their quality and attention to detail. We seek out staff who are strong leaders who demonstrate skill mastery and moral integrity. NBC Camps endeavours to emulate Christian principles. We are committed to ensuring this mission generates an enriched experience in which our campers may develop in all areas of their lives. Bottom line, we want campers to have a life changing experience at NBC Camps and walk away a better athlete and better person

Crowell dreamed of a basketball camp that would train athletes to win both on and off the court. He wanted a program that would provide the best basketball training, create an atmosphere of encouragement, hard work, respect and compassion, and teach athletes to compete not only physically but with their hearts and minds.

Fifty years later, NBC Camps now has over 70 residential basketball camps, International tours, year round basketball mentorship training, volleyball, soccer and speed explosion camps.

In the UK, for almost 30 years, NBC has been in full operation. Our camps today is at the beautiful Uppingham School- centrally located for access from all over the UK

Our Philosophy

NBC Camps is designed to encourage athletes to lead a life of physical, mental, relational, and spiritual excellence. We hope to challenge our campers physically by providing the best instruction and technical training for their sport. We endeavour to teach skill mastery, understanding, and confidence. By providing an environment of enthusiasm, hard work, and intensity, we hope to stretch athletes toward reaching their potential.

We, at NBC Camps, not only endeavour to help campers be the best athlete they can be, we hope to encourage them to be the best student, family member, and citizen they can be. We believe attitude shapes the way people live. At NBC Camps, we are committed to addressing attitude both on and off the court.

We believe hard work and self discipline are necessary components for campers to become their best. Therefore, we provide a focused, intense curriculum designed to discourage comparison and instead promote self correction and personal pride.

We value relational excellence and how to encourage athletes to have quality relationships at school, on their team, and in their family. We believe a strong family is the cornerstone to a strong individual. Knowing the skills to have a great family translates into knowing how to have a great team. We hope to teach our campers how to be servant leaders, leaders who make those around them better. We emphasise the importance of seeking forgiveness when wrong, communicating love and respect, and treating others with patience, tolerance, and compassion.