Control Ball

Take care of the basketball is our first rule. This is the first and foremost skill to develop in building successful athletes and teams. Former two-time NCAA Champ and Olympic coach, Hank Iba said, “You never know when you will face defensive pressure, but be prepared at all times to take care of the ball.” Our curriculum is designed to teach athletes to develop confidence to handle the ball under pressure. Through intentional practice of specific skills, athletes will learn to take care of the ball.

Play Quick

We want athletes to play with quickness and great intensity. The “want to” is always more important than the “how to.” If you don’t play hard, there will be little reason to play smart. There is no excuse for not playing as quickly as one’s skill permits and as hard or intense as is physically possible. To do less than this is to cheat your team mates and to cheat yourself. NBC Camps promotes intensity and hard work through modelling and environment. Our coaches demonstrate the standard of intensity we believe necessary for excellence.

Play Smart

Play smart means making good decisions. There are three critical questions each player must ask when he or she steps on the court. Am I bigger, quicker or stronger than my opponent?

We teach athletes to play to their strengths, understand their weaknesses and work to improve them. We train athletes to create, not just react.

Finish Strong

We train athletes to finish the play with excellence. It does little good to dribble 75 feet with incredible skill only to miss the shot. The object is to score baskets and prevent the opponents form scoring baskets. Players must finish the dribble with a two-foot stop, land in triple-threat, and never quit until the play is completed. Players must block out following every shot, and must follow the shots that they take. These are just a few of the many times a player will be required to “finish the play.” This is an essential basketball skill. It is always too soon to quit.